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Cosmology of MU: Dreaming Simultaneous Realities and the Mandela Effect

Would love to credit the artist however don't know its origin other than FaceBook

Just as we have (simultaneous) Dimensions of Dreaming, so too does MU, after all, we are created in HER image

When we connect with the Essence of MU we are in exchange with a living organic Creator Being, an Aeon, the Goddess incarnate.

If we use the same approach and connect with Gaia, we are feeling a counterfeit frequency, an inorganic construct, same with Sophia and again with Mother Earth - all varying degrees of false Light (Light as in information, information that we use to manifest the Reality)

I say we because I am not the only one to have had this experience, our common link is our connection to MU and understanding of the organic (no)timeline and the Archontic inorganic construct.

For some who are off planet A10's, it is their only experience of MU, through the lens and flavour of the inorganic construct, and I feel them being the most compromised at this time - knowing there is something wrong, but finding it hard to pinpoint and find their own truth, as so much of their experience here is solely through these illusory constructs.

In conclusion, as MU 'uprights' or corrects HerSelf, all her compartmentalisation is dissolving and Her organic dimensions of dreaming are rising like the Phoenix from the ashes, ignition engaged.

She is in charge, and I invite you to join in the ride, cause this is the most unique untried experiential in the multiverse

Ankh em Maat

•• Maat is like the balance of the energy dynamic, truth, justice,

Ankh is Eternal Life however it involves Prana and breath, not just a symbol. you 'breathe' life into it.

For me it is like a battle cry of Perpetuity, initiating LifeForce into Truth Balance and Justice

• JLL interview revisited

• Essence of Gaia, Sophia and MU, what is the true frequency of each?

• MU is an organic expression of Her Self, Panchamama is also an organic presence

• A11 and Dimensions of Dreaming – create different realities simultaneously, we are created in HER image…

• the Gaia construct – inorganic false Light

• Sohpia construct – inorganic false Light

• Panchamama is an organic expression too• as Her separations and compartmentalise leaves Her, is this an explanation for the Mandela Effect? - merging realities : diverse experience

• multiple Suns and psychic shock• created in HER image

• the inorganic constructs are the first to fall• inorganic are dying out

• according to JLL, 2 Earths as the mitosis splits?

• Light and Dark is a distraction from organic / inorganic• as MU unfurls what does She feel like?

• the ‘inorganic Metals’ harnessing Her Soul Star

• the ‘iron age’- what constitutes inorganic metals?

• Mother Earths iron core I call BS• how could the core of anything organic be metal?

• the evil in the world as the product of human imagination – a touch of the Jungs

• the Archontic Virus – where is my vaccination?

• it is in the mind – a consciousness invasion• connecting the Pineal to the ‘organic Light’• as MU’s compartmentalisations go, all different realities merge – Mandela effect?

• organic timelines will be all that is left, any inorganic interface will go

• organic A10 off planet connecting with PanchaMumma

• no one is wrong, every one is telling their story

• Enki / Enlil is not a creation story from the organic (no)timeline• connect with the organic Light

• Planetary Tantra is RAMUtet• was MU pushed from the Pleroma?

• not all A10’s are in with the Archon / Annunaki agenda

• no life force for anything other than sovereign, liberated organic Life

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