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A system in every Dreaming, to Register you, Harvest you and Recycle you

From my Galactic Memoirs...

'The major religions appear in multiple dreaming realities, reinforcing the illusion of their longevity and strength and also extending contracts made in one reality through one or more dreamings, so if they got you once, they could enforce it in participating networked Realities

The New-Age and Earth based ‘religion’ when introduced, captured the imagination of organic dreamers who had dimensions of Self associated with their own direct connection to MU, in the hope of piggy backing a ride and somehow penetrating that Reality and harnessing the interface to the Elemental realm through an ignorant dreamer ‘opening themselves’ to that reality.'

The cult of Isis and Osiris, the twisted Hieros Gamos (a sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities) encapsulates the fantasy of the twin flame and the power of love, deity and service.

It is a indentured system to register you (your DNA and Lineage) manipulate you (the service of Deity and experiencing through you) and harvest you (capture and distribute the energy accordingly)

COSMIC CURRENTS VLOG: the last of September 2016

• The Gateway cult

• Isis - a sex cult using dark magics and perverting energies

• redefining VIRGINS

• Menstrual Blood –the frequency of which is ju ju up the yingyang a mini SOMA hit

• Annunaki / the first vampire?

• Magdelene – said to originate from the ISIS cult, the original sacred prostitute?

• clear the seals and contracts to these actions and connections

• the motivation is the direct connection to LIfeForce

• once your connection to MU was established, you were allocated to your particular Elemental connection eg: water and the Delphi

• with draw your energy from any co-opting on behalf of your Lineage

• re-interating the connection between the Elemental Realm and Sex magic

• weaponising our connection to the elemental realm

• LeMURA: RAMUtet was the act of creation

• AtlanRA – the act of creation became more physical

• RAMUtet and the trinary – introduce another – that other can make the same connection through you

• the co-opted Elemental realm is weaponsied thorugh systems like HAARP and C E R N

• Isis ritual – re-enlist with the bird tribe Annunaki

• Isis Thoth and Nepythys and Anubis

• giving credibility to the hologram

• in many realities it’s the same thing – a system register you, harvest you and recycle you

• Egypt and the hologram credibility

• Portal system for the arrivals from Orion and Sirius

• A hub that holds and connects several dreamings

• Reproductive issues – co-opting of the sexual energy in this and other dimensions of Self

• the Mayan epoch is another ‘hub’

• Removing the Seals has a noticeable physical effect

• the sexual energy moves differently, has increased potency and is more accessible

• the energy became nourishing, not draining

• ‘an angel doesn’t make love, an angel is love’ – embodiment of the energy

• the experience can be spontaneous without outside stimulus

• what is the highlight, the inner experience of RAMUtet or the physical one?

• the metaphysical translated to the physical

• RAMUtet translated into physical experience feels like it dilutes

• the metaphysical is the addiction

• clearing the fuckery around sexual expression

• who are the equivalents in the other religions?

• the original ‘goddess’ Archetype is MU

• Archetypes and the chakra system

• Archetype is how the Annunaki choose their experience system

• Astrology chart and archetypes

• we love

• Integrity is needed to connect and maintain

• Integrity as a barometer

• shooting the messenger

• pulling the dragon

• MU’s failsafe – you cant connect without integrity

• become unpredictable

• candy crush and other games of entrainment

• tetris repackaged

• art experienced organically or through the inorganic

• the colour is tied to emotion

• get an organic hobby take you out of technology

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