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The Fibonacci Timeloop Hypothesis

Fibonacci Timeloop  by Vicki Veranese


• organic (no)timeline A11 developing

• A10's from other seedings come here

• A10's off planet become involved with the Archon agenda

• A11 neophytes with big egos invite in these A10 off planet Archon connected fuckers here and we have the breach

• About 200 years ago they bomb the place and tilt MU, installing a MerKaBa and subsequent fuckery ensues

• MU knows this and the consciousness warriors do too and begin to take measures

• These fuckers keep doing it - Philadelphia experiment, Montauk experiment again in 2012 etc to


(how many times have we said shit from 12 months ago, now 6 months ago revisiting, yet without the same attachment because we have been working on clearing the emotional charge/attachment )

Is it a Fibonacci sequence gone wrong?

(A10 is Anthropos10, the Human DNA template

A11 is Anthropos11 the Human DNA Template that developed on and with MU)

The consciousness invasion is more detailed in my memoirs, but this isn't a bad place to start

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• Hathors whos who and whats what

• used to anchor and run the Venus construct

• sound became weaponised

• the Hypothesis

• Anthropos10 and Anthropos11 human DNA template

• Fibonacci time loop

• dejavu – been here Essence clues?

• the Philadelphia experiment

• the Russian tree Video and the planet being strip mined

• the Matrix capture – what besides emotions are they harvesting?

• compartmentals falling away

• Fringe shows us

• the Philadelpjhia experiment a cloaking device? Or Beginnings in Atlantis

• clone MU?

• using MU’s DNA to clone a planet

• its more than just our emotions they are harvesting

• to BLueBeards video

• the Spine holds so much

• whatever language we use we are stuck – what makes us stuck

• Emoto crystals further disintegrations

• as the structures holding the magnetics fade, so do the constructs

• an id that holds your ‘Akashic Record’ the Matrix ‘dossier’ on you

• took with it a lot of compartmentalisation and generic health eg: aging reversal

• zero point

• if you come across geometries around you, dismantle them

• Flower of Life is the Daisy of Death

• Metatrons Cube IS fuckery…

• Star Tetrahedron running certain factions Yahwey

• Different geometries belong to different factions

• 5 pointed Star Venus/Saturn

• what will zero point look like? What will instigate it?

• The Egyptain dreaming is inserted into the reality in several dreamings as a portal and an anchor to reinforce the dogma

• how the hologram becomes solid

• integrity needed to embody

• symbiosis with MU a smother ride than being disconnected from Her

• neuclear bombs ‘testing’

• Do A10. Have the same connection to MU as A11?

• Context of the memory opens with consciousness

• PAAS – Pineal as a Stargate

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