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Its not about us leaving the Matrix, its about the Matrix leaving us!

The Dryad by Emily Balivet

in the end, it won't be Light and Dark or integrating the two - it will be simply about organic, with a direct Source connection, in integrity, pro-life


inorganic, with no Source connection anti-life

COSMIC CURRENTS SPRING: its not about us leaving the Matrix its about the Matrix leaving us VLOG

• 3 Earths?

• organics innately connected with Life Force Source connection

• polarity / integraton / who are we integrating?

• organic, pro-life – inorganic anti-life

• LCs work with a direct Source connection

• A10’s off planet connecting to MU’s organic (no)timeline

• as the consciousness invasion leaves, where do we all end up?

• defining non-creational

• Mandela Effect on the Emoto work

• geometries defining the crystalline structure is fading

• what do you energise in practice (not theory?)

• if it collapsed this afternoon, are you ready?

• everyone wants out of the Matrix – how about getting the Matrix out of here

• reclaim your land and kick them out

• Referring to my recent experience materialising on the organic notimeline

• what will it be like to experience without the Matrix without control and domination

• learning through inspiration not conflict

• losing the Matrix concepts and programs, eg: fears, dogma etc

• holding space as a facilitation

• if they haven’t reached the frequency can they take you there?

• holding space till the training wheels come off

• push or pull – you are on the path or not

• more about my experience on the Organic (no)timeline

• everything has presence and symbiosis, all belongs

• my desire to go there has made a difference

• leaving is still in flux, preparing, but not necessarily forward movement

• we have life regardless, the inorganics don’t

• out of integrity invites corruption

Defining Integrity

• The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles:

• The state of being whole and undivided

• The condition of being unified or sound in construction

• Internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data:

• psychic shock is wearing off – truth comes from embodiment

• consistency is the key

• Embodying Essence in integrity - pro life works with symbiosis

• the ‘integration planet’ a trap of consciousness playing on our sentiment

• it comes back to organic v’s inorganic

• its all over this afternoon, are you ready?

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