Its not about us leaving the Matrix, its about the Matrix leaving us!

in the end, it won't be Light and Dark or integrating the two - it will be simply about organic, with a direct Source connection, in integrity, pro-life


inorganic, with no Source connection anti-life

COSMIC CURRENTS SPRING: its not about us leaving the Matrix its about the Matrix leaving us VLOG

Organic No timeline who what when where?

• 3 Earths?

• organics innately connected with Life Force Source connection

• polarity / integraton / who are we integrating?

• organic, pro-life – inorganic anti-life

• LCs work with a direct Source connection

• A10’s off planet connecting to MU’s organic (no)timeline

• as the consciousness invasion leaves, where do we all end up?

• Djinn WTF:

• defining non-creational

• Mandela Effect on the Emoto work


• geometries defining the crystalline structure is fading

• what do you energise in practice (not theory?)

• if it collapsed this afternoon, are you ready?

• everyone wants out of the Matrix – how about getting the Matrix out of here

• reclaim your land and kick them out

Organic (no)timeline Experience Wisdom

• Referring to my recent experience materialising on the organic notimeline

• what will it be like to experience without the Matrix without control and domination

• learning through inspiration not conflict

• losing the Matrix concepts and programs, eg: fears, dogma etc

• holding space as a facilitation

• if they haven’t reached the frequency can they take you there?

• holding space till the training wheels come off

• push or pull – you are on the path or not

• more about my experience on the Organic (no)timeline

• everything has presence and symbiosis, all belongs

• my desire to go there has made a difference

• leaving is still in flux, preparing, but not necessarily forward movement

Integrity and Co-opting

• we have life regardless, the inorganics don’t

• out of integrity invites corruption

Defining Integrity

• The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles:

• The state of being whole and undivided

• The condition of being unified or sound in construction

• Internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data:

• psychic shock is wearing off – truth comes from embodiment

• consistency is the key

• Embodying Essence in integrity - pro life works with symbiosis

• the ‘integration planet’ a trap of consciousness playing on our sentiment

• it comes back to organic v’s inorganic

• its all over this afternoon, are you ready?

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