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Opening the DNA

From Galactic Memoirs: the Co-opt, page 41,

DNA stores genetic information as well as memory. Introduced RNA, copies this genetic code, reflecting it and locking the inversion, reading the programs projected by the Moon held within the MerKaBa enslaving the Collective.

A single DNA strand expressed as a Golden Mean Spiral was now distorted, reflected back onto itself, locking the inversion, perpetuated by compromised RNA.

I observed an installed etheric structure that encompassed the physical. Acting as an interface between the organic Being and the inorganic construct, it connects with the systems, glands and organs of the body, facilitating harvest of the DNA, LIfeForce and energy of emotional reaction. It holds programing that manipulates and regulates the body-mind-spirit through a system of vortexes aligned with the spine, and enables easy access for inorganic consciousness to hitchhike on the experience of the enslaved organic...

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• how much you are addicted, will dictate the level of difficulty in leaving

• DNA as a Golden Mean Spiral

• activating v’s opening the DNA

• RNA is synthetic holding the second inverted strand

• the Moon signals the RNA with its intended program

• Haraold’s latest videocast

• if its ‘talking to you’ its outside of you

• DNA is a Golden mean Spiral and the RNA attaches to it, and holds the inversion of the second strand

• RNA is the Moon’s ‘receiving station’ of its programing within the body

• listen to others knowing that language can lead to misunderstanding, look for the similarities not the differences

• his research is the shiz

• his solutions left us wanting

• decoding v’s creating - outside in rather than inside out

• his info comes from within the matrix so it retains a lot of Matrix concepts

• his is experience wisdom is from Ayahausca and that for me is not a reliable source – the experience is valid, however the realm that it opens to, the Astral is not

• the book is birthed

• writing my memories has helped put humpty together again

• transmission in words

• be inspired, provoked and stimulated

• DNA: Functions:Long-term storage of genetic information; transmission of genetic information to make other cells and new organisms.

RNA: Functions:Used to transfer the genetic code from the nucleus to the ribosomes to make proteins. RNA is used to transmit genetic information in some organisms and may have been the molecule used to store genetic blueprints in primitive organisms.

• RNA rerun

• How the RNA dictates our world –when we return to the single spiral, what will it be like?

• back to Harald and his experience wisdom

• if you hear something ‘talking to you’ its coming from outside

• knowing – you know when you know when you know

• memoirs designed to remember your OWN memoire

• as your consciousness expands so does your context of experience

• shout out transpicous news

• remember to reset after busting

• and enjoy the ride as within so without

• can an organic offplanet A10 evolve into A11 here on MU

• not all A10 are Annunaki

• Annunaki need to piggy back for LifeForce

• other A10 seedings in the galaxy

• the book again…

• RNA again

• defining ‘here’

• dreaming in the Matrix, the rules remain constant – time and gravity are in many Dimensions of Dreaming

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