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Cosmic Currents: Dreaming Inside the Matrix

LINK to the Prospectus of the Veras Mystery School (now I of RA School of Consciousness and Embodiment) we are referring to

LINK to the site

• experience wisdom – embodying concepts…

• LightCodes, Essence, Dimensions of Self

• How Anthropos11 dream mulitiple realities

Mythos of MU link

• Dimensions of Dreaming experienced by individual Dimensions of Self

• we clear from all Dimensions of Self as all is effecting you

• Lineage in all its expressions

Lineage is your birthright, your Soul ancestry that holds wisdom, knowledge and energies that pertain to that succession of that frequency - their collective experience becomes your experience because you are of that frequency.

Essence or Soul Lineage

The Experience of you all the way back to Source.

All your incarnations, all your expressions, experience wisdom, all the ‘lives’ in or out of the Matrix. Eg: My Essence or Soul Lineage is that of the Sekhmets


Lineage you may be a part of because you have taken initiation or become part of a collective frequency. Eg: initiated into the Lineage/teachings/frequencies of the Sekhmets

DNA Blood Lineage

The Lineage that your physical expression holds, their experience wisdom and their ancestral karmas, contracts and connections that makes up your blood, DNA, skin hair etc…

• understanding this is a consciousness invasion

• Pineal codes co-opted and liberated

• Embodying Essence

• Defining Dragon energy

• RAMUtet – the bliss is all this is

• Essence embodiment renews trust in Self

• who and what you really are: the concept

• chakras as the ‘life-force’ no age dogma fuckery

• RAMUtet blissings

• commitment brings its own rewards

• Defining RA…

• sitting in the bliss of RAMUtet is all you need

• Cosmology has assisted in the ability to land it

• Bliss outweighs no pain no gain

• the magic of life returns

• Essence defined

• Grids, an inorganic structure that holds energising frequencies in and for the Matrix

• a grid for everything – a dickhead grid?

Susbcribe to and get access to this extra video

RAMUtet Embodying Essence

• Tereza Post Coital RAMUtet gives her experience wisdom embodying Essence

• Using RAMUtet to Pulling your LifeForce from Realities

• Jonny makes an appearance

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