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Cosmic Currents: Mandela Effect Timelines and Dimensions of Self

click for VLOG COSMIC CURRENTS May 31st...

The Video we are referring to and recommend to watch:

Mandela effect 6 hours of missing time while video is recording - an excellent example of Inverted Realities amongst other things

• expanding on the Primary Dreamer

• Losing time

• Dimensions of Self and the Primary Dreamer

• Organics when embodying their Essence radiate authenticity

• Organic ‘Hertz’ are all you need: MELT Pretty City

• Engage Lineage and the organic (no)timeline

• Mastering the Dreaming experience

#MandelaEffect #TimelinesandDimensionsofSelf #PrimaryDreamer #LosingTIme #InvertedRealities #MasteringtheDreamingExperience

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