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Cosmic Currents: The Paradox

I feel we are Original Creator Beings of MU living and loving on MU

Neophytes began training in the art of simultaneous dreaming, an ability unique to Anthorpos11. Through the lack of integrity in their Etheric structure (be it arrogance or inability or just stupidity) allowed their dreaming to be infiltrated by an outside consciousness.

This consciousness is a version of Anthropos10 that developed in another part of the galaxy, when the original Anthropos10 was sent out from the Pleroma.

This version of Anthropos10, the Annunaki developed ‘off planet’ and as a result were subject to the same fate as previous seedings, of not being able to handle their mastery. They were infiltrated by the Archons - who they swallowed hook line and sinker and are deeply imbedded with them through technology as their interface.

When they entered the dreaming here, their common DNA template of the Anthropos10 allowed them access and when they infiltrated more of the collective - in they came as a trojan horse with the fuckers attached to them.

Before long they were flooding the Common Unity with their ‘people’ or their Soul incarnations and when there was enough of them here, they physically fucked with MU and tilted her axis - both Her and us go into psychic shock and while in that state - all the simultaneous dreaming realities we created and participated in became compartmentalised and partitioned from the original dreamer, to later be explained as 'past lives' or other timelines

So when this consciousness invasion rescinds and we are left without the frequencies of the Matrix dictating our Reality - we will realise and understand. We will be in the organic, (no)timeline - the original experience of the manifestation of MU and her dreaming and we will collate the experience wisdom we have gained from dreaming in the multiple realities.

As this Archontic parasite has spread beyond its original construct of the Solar System and been able to commandeer other Anthropos10, it has become a problem of concern. Liberation from MU is paramount as She, along with us in symbiosis, can re dream the reality - a reality that doesn't include them, here or anywhere in the galaxy…

We have entered a time described in the HOPI prophecies as the Paradox - everything is inverted and a time when the magics don't work any more...

When is now the right time to wake the fuck up and remember YOUR truth

Ankh em Maat xxx

Mythos of MU (link to PDF of our Cosmology)

Nature of Reality (link to terminology)

Cosmic Currents April 20

• Arch of BAAL and Transpicuous News

• MerKaBa is the Annunaki way to create realities – who is running the tech?

• what are we fueling?

• The Paradox – the magics just aren’t working anymore

• defining InOrganics

• Clarity on the Breathtest and its perimeters

• The original breach

• MU and coming attractions

• Villigent is not a word – VIGILANT (oops)

• paradox and the inversion

• how many people does it take to change a reality

• why shadow work?

• addictions to the matrix keeps us re engaging…

• adventures on the Organic (no)timeline

• reverse engineering the MerKaBa fuckery while the paradox makes them vulnerable

• Adela rockin her world

• Jill is rocking it

• Luna Park – a Baal arch

• reverse engineering the pyramid system

• reprograming chambers based on geometry

• how long has this shit be going down

• Round Table April 5 recommended for a review of History

• the energy of the Sekhmets, explaining the lineage

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