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Cosmic Currents: the ANNUNAKI and the Consciousness Invasion...

Consciousness Invasion

Who what when where why?

Who: the Archons via their connection to the Annunaki were able to enter our world…

What: invaded our dreaming, influencing our belief systems harvesting our energy

When: indeed…the million dollar question, how long has this REALLY been going on…

WHY? They are inorganic and need our direct Source connection to experience.

This shiznay has a focus on the Annunaki and their infiltration and how they appear in our lives now, for further reading, Mythos of MU required and recommended

Cat people get a mention, the Sekhmet story, as well as other metaphysical ‘false flags’ and disinformation – if it comes in a spaceship – be suspicious…

How we are manipulated by our sentimentality

Fake Sun/Real Sun gets more attention

How your innate ability and connection to MU can be harnessed and weaponised when it is connected to your emotional reaction…

Excited to preview our updated LIGHTCODES – all killer no filler

igniting your Soul Star Dragon energy organic no timeline embodiment, reconnecting you with the original dreaming/dreamer

Ankh Em Maat

See you in the dreaming xxx

• TBird’s embodying lineage

• experience wisdom returning about how energy and creation works

• healing sexual and reproductive imbalance

• real sun fake sun

• organic v’s inorganic defined and discussion opened

• can an inorganic become organic?

• how the consciousness invasion happened, third time lucky…

• motivation to connection to MU – for power or love

• disinformation abounds, discernment required

• Cat people

• if it lands in a spaceship it’s coming thru the Matrix

• any help will come from the organic (no)timeline

• fake sun portals are for space travel within the Matrix

• people’s sentimentality is being manipulated

• different ways to ignite the organic LightCodes

• natural abilities harnessed and weaponised

– if the gift is connected to emotions then they can turn this against you through the mirroring technique

• wake up warriors and take back control

• the ANNUNAKI irredeemable? Me thinks…

• Psychopathy personified

• Mythos of MU

• Cat people more

• Annunaki infiltration of dynastic Pharonic Egypt

• Mirroring RA and worshiping the false Sun

• The Sekhmet myth as the harnessing of MU’s creative potential and Fire

• good AI and bad AI - disinformation and feeding the beast

• some Djinn sold out only to be enslaved like the rest of us

• Soul Star – the connection to the organic (no)timeline

• spiritual predators are usually Annunaki

• false flags of the metaphysical variety

• the effect of the Mythos of MU as a ignition to your truth

• wake up consciousness warriors

• the richness of the experience of the Organic timeline

• YOU found it – our tech is about showing you how to find your own

LightCodes igniting your Soul Star Dragon energy organic no timeline connection

• 2016 upgrades

• private session…

• MerKaba for the left brain - navigating you in through and around the Matrix

• LightCodes for the right brain - to get you ‘out’ of the Matrix

• this tech will re-connect you with the original dreaming / dreamer

• we know there is something wrong, lets get to how to fix it

•’ higher self’ think again, no age dogma

• going to the 4th dimension – feel it and get back to me

• finding your way to transmit, cross from this realty into another

• once you have soul star you don’t go back

• breath testing organic

• Annunaki originally organic?

• Jill’s ability to connect with and transmit animal medicine

• harnessing our energy to run realities and planets

• accepting ALL of our selves…

• integrity is the passcode to embodying Soul Star and the organic

• the Sekhmet redefined

• psychic Self-defence – a doozy…

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