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Cosmic Currents February: as the Conscious Connection to the Organic (no)Timeline Returns...

As we power into liberation and sovereignty, the awakening is exponential, both within and witnessed in the changing Reality reflected back to us. The mosaic of knowing that was previously shattered, is now being restored, and the empowerment that comes with this is rockin my world!

I am seeing people find their place within common unity and it is with joy and purpose they network and share their experience wisdom, igniting the truth in others as they embody their natural ability to be nurturers and carers in proper context and connection of their kindred Souls.

In this VLOG, the Cosmic Currents we are surfing are about dismantling our connections to the 'Matrix'consciousness invasion, in this and any other expression of Reality our life force is running - be it consciously or unconsciously, soveriegn or co-erced, and what is the truth of our past as I relate more of the Mythos of MU, my memories and experience of our forgotton cosmology.

• disconnecting it is more than just cutting chords and revoking agreements

• the luminosity of RAMUtet will deactivate and clear the receiving technology

• Mu’s Soul Star externalised, connecting with the ‘real’ Sun and new (old?) Light Spectrum

• visceral experience of the mirror technology

• need to remove the ‘receiving’ tech from within you and other Dimensions of Self

• understanding the concept of the organic Self and its multidimensional dreaming

• putting together the shattered mosaic of truth

• manipulated start to finish

• Dimensions of Self and ‘time’ dissolving

• detailing the Cosmology – ask MU for her input

• the Annunaki – renegade Anthropos10 (not developed here on the ‘mothership’)

• they have become the coveters of the natural connection we have with MU

• physical effect of disconnecting from the Moon

• bring your mental A game

• old paradigms aches and pains making a re appearance

• ‘mirroring’ as a visceral experience

• more fake sun observations and musings

• a point in consciousness that becomes embodied

• the luminosity of RAMUtet can counteracts anti-life

• Dimensions of Self defined further

• FOL as a template for multidimensional consciousness expression

• the original dreamer

• the Annunaki as another version of Anthropos10…

• the ‘machine’ as an Archon interface

• Jonnies crystal and the real Sun, Mu’s Soul Star externalised…

• discerning your truth

• understanding through your own sense of experience

• PAAS a great source of information

• commitment to Self is needed for this liberation

• holodeck, hologram, spherical, flat – whatever MU is a constant

• the video on clones we are talking about

• transmission …

• ‘stacking the deck’ within a consciousness invasion…

• visceral experience of a co-opted Dimension of Self - revelation!

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