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the Sophia 'Myth'

Inspired by Lisa's interview with JLL and the reading of his book, 'Not in his Image' many missing pieces are coming together and inspiring me, recovering memories and empowering my ju ju - sometimes you just need reminding...

Tereza and I discusss....

• John Lamb Lash with Lisa Harrison

• The Sophia ‘myth’

• Connecting with the Essence of Mu and RA

• expanding to outside this Solar System…

• if we are the 10th version of Sophia’s creation, what happened to the other 9?

• the ‘experiment’

• Robert Morning Sky and the Semsiye elders and the correlation

• Sun and Earth as organic – the Moon?

• the rest of this Solar System as part of the hologram

• more unlearning all we know, question everything

• Delores Cannon: from 1 hr and 22 mins in…

• becoming an ‘Archon’

• Archons are ‘envious’ how can this be?

• The Farm

• ‘Masculine’ thinking v’s ‘Feminine’ thinking

• When you discover someone is ‘in organic’ or not a direct Source connection

• Dimension of Self and a primary consciousness

• The inorganic doesn’t have the inbuilt to understand and value life

• Taking charge of the situation

• the timing for Sophia’s liberation

PS:To be clear, I have a healthy respect of JLL and his hypothesis (including the Kalika War Party) On listening to his interview with Lisa again, and to another video featuring JLL I feel I mistook his approach as arrogant, so I stand corrected in my first impression. Blissings xxx


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