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Retrospective Perspective

One of our most potent series yet.

Yes we get the co-opt, but this is all about the how they fuck us - and how to then take back your Sovereignty - body mind and spirit - reclaiming your frequency, creative power and truth

Ankh em Maat

See you in the dreaming...

• Azz, recent LightCode graduate ignites our retrospective

• Owning your evolution

• the physical difference of being in the ‘Matrix’ v’s Organic Timeline

• Star Tetrahedron Merkaba v’s Mainlining MU

• we have all been co-opted, no judgement

• genuine connection with MU or take the blue pill

• mainlining MU and ‘juice of awesome’ MU : Matrix Antidote Neutralise

• Organic timeline, continuous consciousness – were is death?

• Reincarnation – a Matrix timeloop

• Dimensions of Self competing against other Selves

• Clearing and Healing the Matrix Reality from all Selves all points in ‘time’

• ‘Oneness’ to be decommissioned as a term, and a new word search begins…

• the Terra Papers and they Sumerian myth

• An Annunaki Matrix ‘creation story’

• ‘they made us’ call bullshit

• ‘they’ created the slavery but not us

• Creation Myth their M.O for consciousness manipulation and invasion…

• A certain experience wisdom needed within Self and Lineage to do for another

• Engaging from the Neutral, not as an adversary

• Fundamentals of Electro-Magnetic fields

• Witness and Actioner from the Neutral

• Breath up from MU – can it get any easier

• Intent: Control Domination

• How it works

• How to reclaim your DNA frequency and take back it’s Sovereignty

• Psychic Warfare 101 – turning the tables…

• DNA and frequency explained

• Going further into how they dominate and control us

• Pets and kids deflect and sometimes take the fall for us - how to stay ‘clean’

• Videos as a teaching tool

• Sharing a common language

• Subscribers shout out and appreciation xx

• Reclaiming the Internet

• Frequency Frequency Tune and Attune

• Commitment to Self is paramount

• The value of direct Transmission

• Dealing with the straighty 180’s

• Truth speaks for itself

• the Matrix as a documentary

• Radiate – transmitting change from the within reflected without

• Change is inevitable – step up or step off

• When bad things happen to good people

• Permission to assist

• Guidance from MU

• Old Cats, new tricks

• Persephone grows new teeth

• ‘Spiritual Grill’ with Dr Jon Veranese BDS

• Whole Health Dental Assessment

• Transpicuous News – what do you do when the news ain’t good

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