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Psychic Warfare 101 continues...

How do you address a consciousness invasion? with consciousness of course!

Exposure is happening at literally 'the speed of Light' - Light as information is revealed and cognised faster than a rat up a drainpipe or how the foundations of the Matrix are evidently crumbling.

I know the 'Matrix' looks bleak, hell to the yes it is, but choosing the organic timeline of MU and separating from the inorganic conscousness that has been running the show, you will see the illusion and be able to break with the inorganic 'Matrix' timeline

What we have they don't is Sovereignty and connection to Source. Take back your 'land' people, your Being, the terrain of your experience and remember your truth and your connection to Earth Mother MU.

Get mainlining MU ** and let Her do the antidote neturalise to your body mind and spirit.

Listen to your most inner Self, the core, the very centre of your Being and focus on feeling its Light, its texture, its radience, breathe MU into that and let Her Gold nousih and restore you. **(shout out Jill x)

Click on the bold links for: Discern YOUR truth in a breath...

and the additions to Psychic Warfare 101...

• Harald’s video: A.I, Black GOO, Archons, and Nasa’s Deep dark secret (hard going but worth the listen)

• Its not just the Chakra System…

• AI in and around the Being and the killshots when removing them

• antidote is the opposing sine wave to cancel it out of existence,

• neutralise is to then neutralise any after effect or replication

• Black Box Fusion Hubs: how they get your DNA frequency and convert it

• Consciousness Invasion fight fire with fire

• Black Box and the Black Cube

• Kill shots and booby traps

• Corrupted Pineal Gland’s – from MU to you

• the Moon: MU’s Pineal Externalised embodies a hologram of Earths ‘Pineal’

• Players behind the players

• No heroes, everyone is responsible for their own Shiznay

• Implants and Black Box similarities and differences

• Geometries and the Black Box similarities and differences

• Removing from the Being,the exoskeleton and tendrils that are connected to these things

• is Transpicuous News 27th Sept I refer to

• MU the ultimate antidote neutralise

• History repeats

• Tereza reports her experience

• DNA that has been harvested and manipulated RECLAIMED

• Exponential viral discovery of Self – bring it

• Memory and psychic warfare 101

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