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Psychic Warfare 101

The subject of psychic warfare conjures concepts and images of a combative and subversive nature, with casualties involved …

There are many ways to conquer a conquest and the most efficient and expedient in the game of war in my experience wisdom is through Consciousness Invasion.

Drop the spoon fed Hollywood psy-op of what is ‘invasion’ (cause with respect, they are still struggling with the consciousness genre) but think of it in terms of subliminal co-opting of your belief systems to incite reaction and regulation for a specific agenda.

It isn’t all voodoo dolls and energy balls all la Hogwarts, it can be as subtle and subversive as undermining currents in the social matrix to moderate trends and cultural zeitgeist to elicit programmed response, reaction and regulation.

This is the beginning of a series of video blogs, vlogs (don’t you love it?) that talk about the latest we are seeing in the world of co-opting and influence, to undermine your understanding of Self and keep you distracted and subdued - ‘producing’ for the Farm that is harvesting the energy and resources of its most productive commodities – the human unit and Mother Earth…

We will add to this playlist as more waves of fuckery are exposed.

Its not to scare or limit you in any way, on the contrary, knowledge is power and this is something to empower you in reclaiming your Sovereignty and creating an experience of the Reality that is in integrity with your truth abundance and wisdom

We are highlighting current trends in subversive sabotage of our Mastery and the Mastery of those we work with, and effective ways we are finding to counteract the deluge and stay connected to Centre.

This PLAYLIST consists of:

• Connecting with Mother Earth is the best defence – Breath of Life

• How to recognise when its from Essence or ‘the Soup’

• Chakra System co-opted… Soundscapes for healing within the body mind and spirit

• Ancestral Karma, thinking outside the dogma

• a neutral perspective to see what is, (the truth and integrity of it all) minus the interference

the original codes of creation and experience, untouched, found in Essence

• exposing false dogma : the illusion there is something wrong

its not Light its not Dark – it just IS – truth

• Essence defined and **Experiential Essence Connection

• the New Hologram from Mother Earth

• Plasma Beings show the way out through Involution

• Trigger for Harvest or Trigger for Freedom

• Setting up our sabotage programs to undermine our experience of the Reality

• Guilt as the hidden price of Pleasure

• Trigger for the Harvest or Trigger for Liberation more…

• Compromising consciousness through co-opting Teachings and manipulating Techniques for a desired output - to maintain control and harvesting of energy and resources by those behind the ‘knowledge distributor’

• Unlearning the dogma of the challenge, being ‘tested’

• Dreaming the dream minus F E A R

• Abundance diverted to inadvertent contracts and agreements with co-opted ‘knowledge distributors’

• Trigger for the Harvest or Trigger for Liberation more again…

• Searching outside of the Self for answers can open you to manipulation by your shadow

and other co-opting forces

• correlating the common ‘infiltrations’ and ‘attachments’ aligned with different Schools or techniques of consciousness being evident in sessions NOW.

• Potentizing the Neutral

• the manipulation of the cultural zeitgeist and social ‘norms’ to serve an agenda of manipulation, control and pushing boundaries to take us further away from our essential Self.

The destruction of our traditional storytellers and replacing of them with ‘tell a vision’ – the mind fucking tool of the millennia that carries and brainwashes the Archon agenda…

I LOVE to zone out and watch mindless crap on the box occasionally, but when that becomes your major source of information input – and lets face it’s insidious ability to be innocuously everywhere, anytime, what else is such an influence on shaping public wants and trends from all ages in every demographic – that’s another Shiznay…

Be stimulated and inspired, we are!

The reality is up for grabs – why not make it your version…

See you in the dreaming

Ankh em Maat

**Essence Connect Instructions (back to basics)

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