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Regenerating Teeth

Necessity is the mother of invention and I have had to sink or swim with this teeth thing

Determined to engage all consciousness and prevent conventional dental intervention, i have begun to regenerate and heal the health of my mouth teeth and gums - what a blast.

I have been clearing and setting energy and this is my protocol...

• Remove all shade and fuckery from other Selves and all agreements and contracts associated with it all points in time - flush with Essence

• Remove all trauma from any intervention or augmentation (braces, dental, knocked out teeth, accidents etc)

• Remove all False Light imprinting and memories and flush with Essence

There may be a few passes needed for this step

• Create a regenerating MerKaBa with the frequencies of regeneration of Diamond and Earth Gold feeding it with Essence to the stem cells with the fresh opened DNA blood to rock my teeth FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TOOTH

• LOVE it up – absolutely love that stem cell action and those teeth knowing they will be regenerating with opened DNA codes of Optimum Functioning Blueprint – with the Essence of Earth Gold and Diamond enhancing its form – constantly acknowledge and feed it/them

All I can say is... its working

CLICK HERE for a video talking about regenerating teeth

CLICK HERE for the connection to ordering your own 'Spiritual Grill"

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