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Self Sabotage


Why why why we lament – we have come so far to be tripped up again by the most insidious of my failings! I thought I worked through that…

Humbling when it happens and a true test of how your consciousness is progressing in the evolution of experience.

An addiction (a behaviour or habitual patterning that is entered into both consciously and unconsciously) is triggered when particular frequencies come ‘online’ in the bio-computer that is the body mind spirit.

How it is triggered can be from an inside or outside force, your reaction and subsequent behaviour is entirely an inside job.

So what is the belief we have about our Selves that holds this trigger in place, that when stimulated, it kicks into gear a programming that runs on a loop, keeping you in a holding pattern, engaged in the old dynamic instead of embracing the new and NOW.

If your pattern of sabotage is indulgence in food, what triggered the binge?

If it’s bad relationship choices, what fear or self belief is colouring your judgement, falling back into old behaviours that carry regret, guilt, blame and shame?

Coulda Shoulda Woulda…

What sent you into the emotional state of helplessness, fear or anxiety, into the behaviour that masks or assists in the coping with the disconnection from your sovereignty, connection with and trust in your Source, your Essence**?

What is the belief that you have about yourself that magnetized this experience?

Where is the belief within you, that you are powerless, unable to create what you need, unworthy of having your needs met – connect with the feeling – where does it come from, neutralise it, pull it out, whatever you do to have it no longer in your field and flush with Essence.

Cancel, void, revoke any agreements contracts etc that held it in place and make your energy Invisible undetectable untraceable to that frequency for all points in time.

(A permanent MerKaBa activated from within the dimension of Heart that is the Sacred Neutral perspective is recommended for that step)

Mastery is something one does and the discipline to stay in the Sacred Neutral and create your Bliss is up to you

Click Here to a set of Videos on Self Sabotage

I applaud and appreciate Tereza's vulnerability and courage to share her experience as an example for others who may be feeling self sabotage is their glitch in the Matrix right now...

Ankh em Maat

** Essence is your sum total of Soul experience, all bodies all dimensions all points in time - all of You, all the way back to Source

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