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Concern for C.E.R.N

Yes and No

When you are in the Sacred Neutral perspective and operating as a Sovereign Integral you are immune…

Its your belief system that is being manipulated.

Whoever is running the belief system is in control.

If ‘they’ control your belief system then ‘they’ control you and your experience of the Reality.

Connecting with **Essence, and flooding the Being, body mind and spirit with your Essence frequency will tip the scales and disrupt the status quo. It will override any implants, overlays, GMO hormonal disruption, killshots the lot.

When you are embodying Essence at a quantum percentage of 50%+, the Essence becomes the overriding dominant force – if is a chance for you to rewrite your experience of the Reality, with your belief systems running the show.

Your kung fu is stronger.

Discernment to be connected to your truth not spoon-fed dogma is now more vital than ever.

Being connected to your truth and who you really are is a path to this liberation.

CERN is not to be feared but to be seen as a chance to move through the illusion of fuckery this experience of Reality has become and shed the shackles of this false representation of how things are.

Embody your Essence, claim your Sovereignty and align with the integrity of who you really are and what you are capable of – limitless creative potential which is now harnessed for your Self and Essence agendas, no longer for the parasitic ‘powers that will not be for much longer’ who have been living off our programmed fear and limitation for far too long now.

However you get there will be your path and journey and unique as you are individual.

As far as a guide, anyone who is connected to the truth and in their integrity will all be saying the same thing – in their own language and with their own techniques.

Find who brings out the best in you, who clicks for you and has an accessible inner technology that floats your boat and you feel results with. Its ok to take some from somewhere and something from somewhere else – it has to be a truth for you, it has to align with your integrity, your Sovereign Integral Self.

At the Veras Mystery School, we have the LightCodes, that’s how we roll, this may resonate for you or not - just stay with the feeling and see what makes you tingle as a truth - just go for it!

Ankh em Maat

** Essence is your sum total of Soul experience, all bodies all dimensions all points in time - all of You,

all the way back to Source

CLICK HERE for a set of videos on Concern for C.E.R.N.

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