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Its seems every dick and their dog is bringing up contracts at the moment – and its for a valid reason

When you clear energy or make decisions about something and change doesn’t happen, check there are not any contracts maintaining the status quo and keeping you in limitation.

I think this is why so many great healings don’t hold. You need to remove the lynchpin holding the dynamic in place.

Many of these agreements have been put in place unconsciously, or be running with concurrent time tracks effecting you in the here and now, they could be fine print or caveats on existing contracts, so it may not always be so obvious at first,

A suggestion and recommendation for when you are clearing energy or bringing balance to a situation, add the following to your protocol:

All contracts agreements allowances, ancestral karmas and agreements, both conscious and unconsciously entered into;

all fine print, caveats and additions or changes made from alterations to existing contract and agreements are

cancelled, null and void, invalidated for, in and of, all bodies and consciousness, all dimensions, all points in time on all timelines and time tracks

Make your own words that resonates for you and your experience, some people add Universes, but really it’s the feeling which you put into the words that matters most – and that feeling should be neutral and non reactive, just observing and making the change from that place, trusting that all the loose ends will be tied up and resolved and you can now make a choice, a conscious free will choice from a state of empowerment, sovereignty and neutrality that has resulted from the liberation of limitation.

Finally you are running the show, in charge of your energy and your actions.

You are designing your experience of the Reality.

Your energy, focus and success all are nourishing you and your creations, nothing or no one else.

Contracts I have worked with - first and foremost, between Family, friends, associates and places. - taking on their fears, denials, karmas, dogmas, guilt, ancestral servitude or being entwined in the dynamics and consequences of it all.

In night time dreaming, all contracts etc. with Beings who are working with ‘false Light’ – not all white Light is ‘white’, really attune to the frequency with discernment, its time for you to explore and discover your own truth, not what has become dogma, often instilled by those whose interests and agendas are to obscure the truth and keep you constrained.

Situations where I have agreed or contracted to allow the harvesting of my Energy and Success to people, places, situations, deities, social constructs and institutions (that was monumental that one!)

Contracts with my Self that have kept me in limitation and doubt - when those began to fall the Self love and acceptance that flooded my Being and enriched my experience was everything I had previously understood as a concept now made tangible in my interpretation of and participation in the Reality.

It has upgraded my relationships to a place of honesty, mutual respect and appreciation; opened codes in my physical body for amazing regeneration and rejuvenation. Everything seems to carry a sense of magic, beauty, truth, love, harmony and peace. I am feeling a sense of purpose and achievement, with a deeper trust, fortification and security unfolding in my experience – living the dream baby - or more accurately living MY dream.

Whenever something feels forced, against your truth or just wrong, remember the contracts etc protocol as a possible avenue to liberation - change the dynamic and open to your sovereign free will choice, aligned with your Essence and in integrity with your Self.

Ankh em Ma’at

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