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The Sacred Neutral

True creation in this dimension happens from the Sacred Neutral.

The Heart is the key to the Sacred Neutral.

In the space of the Heart, all is even, no good, no bad, it just simply is. All is Love.

From this state we are able to create in polarity.

Too far to the dark or negative, that’s the colouring of our creation – too far to the light or positive – the contrast will also increase – you cannot create one without creating the other, they exist together, they are symbiotic and co-creative.

It is understanding that the middle, the neutral position, the place that ‘just is’ no judgement, absolute Ma’at is the place from where the Sacred Neutral can spring and flourish and so too can your creative spirit.

From this point of creation, with the Sacred Neutral its witness, you can create truths that will stand fast as the illusion around you begins to crumble.

The exciting prospect of living your sovereignty, free from all roles and rules that are merely agreements you have entered into consciously (or perhaps unconsciously) that have tainted your Soul’s expression, shaped your belief systems and coloured your experience, thus effecting your ongoing creation process.

When you change the perspective, you change the experience.

Sovereignty is about you finding your perspective and embodying it, free from all dogma and projections that defy your truth and keep you in limitation.

So I invite you to do any practice or remembering that takes you into the Sacred Neutral and begin to liberate your consciousness.

Ankh em Ma'at

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