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New Moon in Aquarius

This super Moon is a chance to harness the Fire within and experience the Sacred Neutral in our creation aspect.

Aquarius the idealist, so many ideas and concepts able to be pulled from the ethers, needing the fire of passion to fertilise the seed and ignite the purpose, grounding the creation into tangible Being, bringing to fruition new and unique exciting potentials.

Tonight at 11.59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time harness that fire and ignite the flame in your heart sphere, daring to dream without limits.

If you encounter resistance in the mental constructs of trying to figure out how it will happen, breathe that fire into it, charged with the flame in your heart. Rather than focusing on the details, enhance the feeling in the Heart Sphere and leave the alchemy to the weft and weave of the dance of life.

From that space of trust, complete surrender to the power of the Heart, you are creating in the paradigm of the Sacred Neutral.

In a polarised world, which is interpreted from your Brain, a polarised instrument, if you create in ‘Light’, you will have the equal and opposite in the manifestation of the ‘Dark’.

When you take the focus of interpretation to the Heart Sphere, an instrument of Unity, accessed and activated by feeling, you can reach a place of compassion, encompassing ‘both’ sides of the story.

From this place you are creating your experience free from polarity, all is accepted, all has its place. You are non reactive and radiating from that frequency, trusting all is for your highest expression, your **Essence, tangible in the Fire that has been igniting this quest has your back and will not entangle you with karma or consequences that creating within the paradigms of polarity can generate.

** Essence is your sum total of Soul experience; all bodies all dimensions all points in time

- all of You, all the way back to Source

Dream the Dream as far and as vast as you dare, unlimited, completely new.

Emancipated of prior habitual mental sabotage or emotional reaction tainting your perception and colouring your experience of the Reality.

Focus on the feeling in the Heart Sphere, oscillating the elixir of appreciation, passion, ecstasy and regeneration through all your Bodies, nourishing every cell and the electromagnetic field around you in which your are manifesting your experience of Reality.

Enhance it with breath and prana into the centre of the Sphere, feeling that Fire radiating Source energy, opening to more excitement, joy and bliss, breathing into the colour and texture of that feeling. The Reality will hold and reflect that experience to you.

Embody the Essence that you are, honour your Self and your journey, opening to the next expression of NOW and make no compromises in your expression. Its time to believe your own publicity.

Ankh em Ma’at

Original art by Vicki Veranese

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