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the Annunaki from Galactic Memoirs Volume 2

Embodiment - when Essence is anchors in the physical and you have access to dimensions of dreaming

From Chapter 2, discovering the Annunaki....

Immersed in Essence, I felt the experience wisdom of my Lineage permeate my consciousness, infusing me with data from all dimensions of dreaming and realities my Essence and its various expressions of Self has experienced them in.

The Annunaki are a conglomerate of races and ideologies all with the common Anthropos10 human template expression from within the RA galaxy.

It was their association with the inorganic we know as Archons that was their driving force.

Long ago the original core Annunaki entered into interface and symbiotic relationship with the inorganic anomaly spawned by MU’s LifeForce connecting with inorganic matter in Her descent from the centre of the Pleroma, the Archons. Devoid of a direct Source connection, organic LifeForce and thus creative power, their intent for relationship was to escape their unavoidable demise and perpetuate their finite existence, integrating with the Annunaki as a way to sustain their experience.

The Annunaki, at effect of the inbuilt fallibility that hampered the success of previous Anthropos seedings, developed as a vain and narcissistic Collective.

The Archons mentally deducing the desires of disenchanted initiates, enamoured them with the promise of new and exciting mental vistas and imagined power. Their experience of the reality already mostly externalised, they merged with the machine interface the Archons provided, creating with and through them, more and more externalised, more and more physical in the density of the material.

The Annunaki, now harnessed harvested and directed by the parasitic entity, entered the entropy of the construct, and the subsequent atrophy of their nature emerged. The ‘outer’ projected world began to take on the characteristics of entropy and atrophy due to the merging of their creative power with the mental constructs of their Archon masters. Their LifeForce was being drained.

Their direct Source connection now dwindling, almost non-existent with some, and death of the vehicle of consciousness an inevitable consequence, a new paradigm entered their Collective.

Although the experience wisdom and philosophy of their mystery schools knew there was no ‘death’, the parasitic Archon consciousness hitching a ride with the Annunaki host could not fathom this, only covet it.

To address this, cloning was introduced as way for the Annunaki (and the corresponding Archontic hitchhiker) to continue to experience this stream of consciousness indefinitely. This appealed to their vanity and their increasing identification with the ‘outer’ projected world, which in turn began to take on the characteristics of degradation, deterioration and disorder due to the merging of their creative power with the mental constructs of their Archon overlords.

With each successive cloning, their organic LifeForce dwindled, then they too began the search for other organic LifeForms to power the construction and materialisation of their causal constructs relegated to the mental realms without the substance or to bring them to fruition and manifestation. Its no use having ideas and ideals if you cant experience them in action so Lifeforce and direct Source connection became the most sought after and valued commodity in their growing Collective.

The Annunaki, now a formidable force backed by enticing and intimidating technology, had amalgamated (PR spin for invaded and conditioned conquered populace) with other Anthropos10 human template seedings throughout the RA galaxy. They considered themselves connoisseurs of consciousness, continuing their juggernaut of harnessing and harvesting Lifeforms and LifeForce for the glory and perpetuation of their species, it was becoming ‘join them voluntarily’ or face the wrath of rejection

the complete Volume 2 available soon...

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