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New Experientials and Cosmic Currents November Supermoon

the VerRAs Mystery School

The VerRAs Mystery School new experientials :

Divination 101: Embodying Essence and opening to the Oracle within to the Elemental Realm–making a connection through the desired Element and reading the energies presented.

Crystal Craft 101: Experientials include: connecting with the Devas , activating machine cut crystals, using the Crystal as a tool for divination, healing, recording and psychic Self defence​

Practical: cutting and consecrating your own piece with Ptah Rocks

Healing 101: This is an experiential to connect you with your Essence, foster embodiment, and with that actualisation remember and embrace your innate healing ability

Psychic Warfare 101: Its not necessarily about controntation, its about not beign at effect of the 'outside' realitybeing so embodied that nothing can unseat your sovereignty or harness your liberty or creative power

Mini Experiential of Divination 101 to purchase and view

PRIVATE SESSION: If you want something special to rock someone's world, this is the gift to purchase

• connecting with the Fire Deva as an ally

• connecting with the energy without an emotional trigger

• glory without the work – no go

• the consciousness of animals and devas on the organic notimeline

• the water molecule and how it effects the macrocosm

• how the symbiosis with MU happens and how the fake sun is trying to copy it

• tools as training devices

• Our DNA as a trojan horse

• SuperMoon and super charging

• Plugectomy updates

• Black boxes and the aftermath – reweaving your flow

• remembering to repair and reset not just smash it up

• DNA as a Trojan Horse

• What has happened to our harvested DNA

• Dimensions explored as bubbles of reality rather than a layer of realtiy

• our Solar System and the construct and other A10

• what happens to the Solar System with an uncreational on all inorganic

• why MU is special and coveted

• What is it going to look like when there is nothing inorganic

• reweaving your ju ju

Crystal Craft 101

• The Fire Elemental as an ally

• Tools as training – direct consciousness link rules

• Divination defined as more than reading cards…

• Seeing the patterns in the chaos

Previewing crystal craft 101

Connecting with the Deva of the Crystal

Where and how did these Devas originate

Russian Tree Video

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