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Many people are asking 'what is it you actually do?'


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The VERAS MYSTERY SCHOOL(now I-OF School of Consciousness and Embodiment)

of Self Mastery and Metaphysical Studies

The word VERAS is a spanish word that translates as earnestness, reality, truth, verity.

The VERAS MYSTERY SCHOOL is a school of Truth

a place to remember and reclaim your Sovereignty, Liberation and Creative Power

Experience is the only way to be informed and to embody that truth

Experience Wisdom

For us, everything is a concept until you have the experience of it then it becomes wisdom,

- something you can draw from, embody and radiate

• Dimensions of Self and Dimensions of Dreaming

The Primary Dreamer is able to dream, power and sustain a reality.

A primary dreamer of MU can create and dream more than one reality simultaneously,

we call these Dimensions of Dreaming and the Self experiencing it, a Dimension of Self

(passed off in the Matrix as ‘past lives’ ‘timelines’ ‘reincarnation’)

Think of Essence as the filing cabinet and each Dimension of Self (dreaming) as a file

and you can have more than one file open and active at once.

All the Dimensions of Self can be accessed through Essence (you all the way back to Source)

as you embody Essence, you have access to the gifts, talents, knowledge

and experience wisdom of each and all of these Dimensions of Self and their Dreaming

You can also liberate these expressions of Self of co-opts, imbalance,

dysfunctional relationship dynamics, mirror inversion spells any and all fuckery that you are experiencing in that dreaming, is effecting you in the here and now


Essence or Soul Lineage is the Experience of you all the way back to Source.

All your incarnations, all your expressions, experience wisdom,

all the ‘lives’ in or out of the Matrix.

Lineage may be an initiation, training or teaching, into a Collective

because you can reach and maintain a specific mastery of frequency

Eg: initiated into the Lineage/teachings/frequencies of the Sekhmets

DNA Blood Lineage, the Lineage that your physical expression holds,

the experience wisdom and thei ancestral karmas, contracts and connections

that makes up your blood, DNA, skin hair etc

How do we do it?

How do you activate your Mastery?

We don't do dogma, we are giving you the 'inner tecknology' to drive the car -

to find out YOUR answers and embody your authenticity, sovereignty and liberation


The state of ecstasy and attunement when embodying the tantra of RA and MU

through the Soul star creates a physical expression of Reality.

Connecting with the Essence of MU* (Her all the way back to Her Source)

and the Essence of RA** (the original Creator codes) and when you

pull this energy into Essence, it ignites the embodiment, we call it the Soul Star

*MU: the organic consciousness, originally a creator Aeon who’s ‘body’ is our planet.

**RA: the original Creator Being /Energy / Aeon of this Galaxy.

• We work with an upgraded Etheric Anatomy

(Pineal codes free of co-opting, removing the Chakra System)

You remembering and embodying your Essence, you all the way back to Source

Your ‘Dragon’ energy will be activated and by the end of the training,

you will be riding MU's 'Dragon' as well as your own,

Think of Dragon as a primordial organic force that burns up anything

not aligned with the integrity and authenticity of Essence

You will re establish your own direct connection to the organic (no)timeline,

remembering your truth, who you are with a new cognition of the Reality and how to create in it

You will understand how to maintain this state with protocols and tools you have learnt and many go on to use this work as the basis for healing their environment, friends and family.

Explore and embody your Essence through this experiential dynamic based on Astrology and Metaphysics

Your Astrology chart holds the key to many understandings of Self.

It can open you to parts of Self previously unexplored,

it can also reveal the way the Matrix has inverted your frequency

using spells and inversions of the mirror tech MerKaBa running this Reality

to harvest your energy, use and abuse you,

keeping you enslaved and ignorant of your truth and creative power.

There is great potency in symbology and sigals.

The energy of the symbol carries weight in the Collective,

and so it is recognised from the very depths of Essence,

(Essence, is you all the way back to Source)

Think of the birthchart as you unique 'sigil'

a personal 'blueprint' that encapsulates your frequency

Using your astrological data, we lay the planets out in a sphere for you to step into

and a tangible experience unfolds to feel the dynamic of how this energy represents you.

From here the fun begins

• exploring the Self's gifts and talents,

• addressing blocks to your attractor factor - cognised and claimed

(from abundance to creativity and relationships) - ,

• relationship dynamics embraced and Maat restored

• Your 'shadow', the spells, curses and inversions busted and transmuted in this

and all Dimensions of Dreaming

(all realities your are a part of, contribute to and energise)

Our understanding of MerKaBa technololgy is as an Annunaki creation vehicle

to move through Realities, experience or interpret Realities and create Realties.

In this Matrix, each Dimension of Dreaming has frequency and can be viewed / experienced via the construct of the geometries of the MerKaBa that hold and interpret that frequency.

Mer : Counter rotating field of Light

Ka : Your Light Body, the refined matter that holds your Optimum Functioning Blueprint for whatever dimension you are attuned to

(as your Ka interfaces with the physical emanation,

it is the causal body that effects change and experience

in the physical body and realm, it is the template for physical expression)

Ba : your Essence.

When consciously activated, it acts as a vehicle to move through Realities, experience or interpret Realities and create Realties.

Learn to create and program these geometric fields as well create surrogate fields

and an understanding of the group MerKaBa

For the person who wants to step into Mastery and ive a life outside the Programmed Reality of the Matrix,to repel this consciousness invasion, body mind and spirit

and live the life you are meant to be.

This is for the person who has had enough, is calling Time out on the Bullshit and wants to live an authentic life with humour, Passion and Purpose

No matter what level you are it, at the beginning of your journey,

Or well on your way, perhaps needing an upgrade in your software,to be inspired by your Self again, whatever…it will be your pace and what you need.

If you can make this commitment to your Self, I will commit to you with

knowledge, the power of my Lineage and a generosity of spirit

This is for you if you want to find your own answers,

you just need a foolproof, no nonsense experience of it, NOW if not sooner


Can be done online : click for link

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