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Cosmic Currents MAY: Chakra installation and the co-opted Pineal

AtLanRA - Inner Technology externalized. It was the best of LeMuRA in terms of consciousness, however the filter or lens of experience was now adjusted, the Sprit of MU made physical, manifested

‘Atlantis’ happened before anyone really knew it.

Parts and divisions of nature were now exploited and engorged with saturations of new and expanding energies that allowed themselves differentiated form and function.

AtLanRA was all about externalising the inner technology of LeMuRA and in doing this it began to think of itself in terms of inside looking out, a separation, forgetting that the outside was merely a reflection of within.

The fascination and excitement of manifesting simultaneous dream worlds into the physical was both exhilarating and addictive. Exploring the multi-sensory imprint of it now, I can feel why it was not noticed at first, the way they had all became enchanted then dependent on the world happening ‘outside’ themselves…

To some, it gave the appearance of progress and evolution, when in fact the truth of it being it took one away from the purer state of communion and symbiosis with the Goddess, the Mother, the Source. This was no doubt one cause for the weakened integrity.

For example, in LeMuRA, – the tantra of RAMUTet, a fusion of consciousness was the path to a child - in the new era, it was all done externally.

The synergy of the physical fusion of genetics, the best of both donors and the physical pleasure associated with the undertaking, saw the legacy become more and more linked with the ‘physical’ rather than a function of Spirit.

The action on the inner planes continued unchanged, a vessel to contain the new Soul expression was being woven, and the contracts of experience still being created, there were now actual tangible corporeal steps to take to create the physical vehicle.

As the traditions of LeMURA faded, and the evolution into physicality and density opened the Collective into another expression of the Reality, the processing of experience transformed. It went from being internally connected and referenced, to now a sense of the consciousness inside looking out, relying on external stimuli and sensory input, re-active, a separation, forgetting that the ‘outside’ was merely a reflection of the creative imaginarium within, externalised.

In this externalisation, we became vulnerable...

Cosmic Currents for May 2016

• Chakra system is a co-opt

• Pineal is co-opted however it is NOT AN IMPLANT

• Pineal reads Light (information) corrupt the information and you co-opt the belief systems

• ask the Universe? Ask Essence instead

• riding as we use it, as a term that people who have gone through the training use because it describes the movement of the 'Dragon' energy through you, particularly when it works with the RAMUtet action

• Essential to build Essence connection and embodiment

• the gravity behind terminology

• consciousness in LeMURA focussed inward

• consciousness in AtLanRA focussed outward and related more to outer world as the protagonist as opposed to the dreaming

• complicated where it doesn’t need to be

• Is there hope for A10?

• originals from the Pleiades another expression of Anthropos10

• Annunaki and their Soul Lineage and cloning

background information!Cosmic-Currents-The-Paradox/cmbz/571860190cf253d6b39b23d6

• the Thoth ‘label’

• this galaxy says no to anti life

• opening the DNA

• Clearing from Dimensions of Self a practical demonstration

• the necessity of remaining neutral and non reactive

• know thyself

• tooth problems and Dimensions of Self

• your bones read and receive Sound frequencies

• building Essence connection

• if they have come on a spaceship/the sun/a channel the are part of the Matrix

• defining RA – again….

• the (black) magics of Egypt, Sekhmet and Ptah

• Djinn as Anthropos11

• Djinn – who and what we are talking about:

• Co-opting the Lineage energy with Black Magic and false Light fuckery

• Giza pyramids and the insertion of the hologram

• Bringing in the Souls for a consciousness invasion

• How the Anthropos11 became a commodity and got their ‘handlers’

• Annunaki need MerKaBa technology to create realities, we don’t

• Facebook and its undisguised social engineering

• nothing gets disclosed that they don’t allow

• Anthropos11 and why they are coveted

• don’t merge, remain whole

• star tetrahedronal geometry in the MerKaBa holds the programs

• NASA is BS

• ‘learning lessons’ is a croc

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