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Cosmic Currents: SOMA, Ormus, the ANNUNAKI creation story, Integrity is the only black...

For me it is becoming clear - forget about trying to change this Reality - I am putting my energy into creating a new one!

My 'new' reality is organic in every aspect - sefl generating, co-creation with MU and other original organic creator Beings, we call Family of RA. The dreaming of this new reality is liberated from the artificial Matrix constraints and fully embracing the potential of Anthropos11. in all dimensions of our dreaming

(see Mythos of MU for an expanded understanding of this concept and teminolgy)

In this Shiznay, we are opening the dialogue on the ANNUNAKI in our culture and how integrity and commitment to SELF is imperitive NOW to step into mastery and open to living the organic (no)timeline

Cosmic Currents for the Leap Day of 2016...

• SOMA - an Annunaki shortcut to Bliss

• ‘Kundalini’and sexual energy

• Ormus - 4th dimensional minerals?

• rewatching the Shiznay PORTALS 4: SOMA and our psychic power…

• Self generated or bust

• Annunaki and the Enki / Enlil creation story

• wisdom experience of the organic v’s the inorganic ‘matrix’

• if it isn’t in your reality, then does it effect you?

• degenerating teeth - detoxing fluoride ?

• engage body elemental

• chemtrails and a physical effect on the teeth and bones

• reverse enegineering using MerKaBa technology

• a fluride essence to antidote neutralize

• a conscious dental solution – holistic dental is more that just white fillings

• More on Monotomic gold and consciousness enhancing supplements

• Breatharian and the DarkRoom retreat with Jasmuheen

• in the darkness how the PINeal ‘turns on’ the perception of the Light within

• dark room experience and the reentry into the ‘world’

The new black Integrity

• expanding the definition of integrity

• daily maintenance to maintain etheric structural integrity and the web of life

• commitment to self

• Dan Winter and the Bliss experience - RaMuTet

• the Annunaki Enki and Enlil creation story – the creation of the matrix…

• Time Travel in the Matrix circuitry

• Organic Timeline and the perception of colour

• the promise of the tech fulfilled…

• crystals and keeping them clear for structural integrity

• linking energies and the responsibility it brings

• cast a spelling - be mindful of the words you use

• a reset from the last full Moon

• PAAS to the Essence of MU to find her ‘shape’

• frequencies that block our access to our full open DNA blueprint potential

• a spontaneous demo of how AI can interfere with thought and how it can just as as easily be banished.

• revocation is more than just words

• chemtrails a different perspective

• sohipa smallstorms research

• organics rejecting the technology

• Ayahausca – what does it connect you with ?

• TBird and her commitment to Self

• understading structural integrity

• the key to the kingdom lies in you and your bliss

• more on the shape of MU and what we are on the organic notimeline

• no Aeon has ever left the centre of the galaxy, the Pleroma

• the spiral galaxy – the Soul Star, a mircrocosm of the macrocosm

• I don’t want to go to the ‘5th’ Dimension, I want to go to organic (no)timeline

• the reason for the ‘Matrix’

• defining crazy…

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