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Cosmic Currents Jan 2016

I think we know it all, we have all the answers for ourselves, but it’s like a mosaic that has been smashed or disassembled, and others are able to trigger us in recognising a piece to help us reassemble our truth.

Feel into a trimorphic synergy...

MU, the sentience and magnificence of a creator Goddess incarnate;

your Essence, you all the way back to Source;

RA, the original creation codes, the Optimal Funcitoning Blueprint of your potential

Stay with it, connected to MU, feel your autheniticity and remember who and what you are...

Cosmic Curents Jan 2016 VLOG

• Disclosure is great, but where do we go from here

• How do we do it?

• don’t ‘think’ it – feel it!

• Mu’s waking us up and informing us

• escaping the Matrix – define…

• Is it hardware programming or software programing?

• ‘software’ frequency programing from the Matrix

• how does the ‘hardware’ effecting the physical

• name it, then bring it to resolution

• Liberation – freedom is a state of Being

• Blood Covenants within Religion, ancestry – ALL dimensions of Self

• an organic having a baby with an inorganic and the resulting links and harvesting

• pulling your ju ju back to your Self

• Religions that use a Moon calendar

• How can we use the Moon?

Link to the video: John St Julien, The sacred science = of the Pineal Gland - The greatest secret never told

• Glands are the new black

• use the Moon to track the Matrix programming and organic reaction

• expose eradicate exterminate

• informed by your authenticity

• Fake Sun, the overlay...

• is it the hub/converting the energy running the reality?

• you are a receiving tower, interpreting the signal, putting out the reality or ‘tv show’

• immunity to the anti-life frequency – the Organic

• choosing to opt out of the Matrix

• Dimensions of Self – imprinting – miasms – latent sabatoge coding

• how ‘cellular memory’ works

• let Essence inform your ‘healing’

• natural healers – confidence – embody it baby!

• energy healing needs energy reading

• discovering your truth, make MU your 'beloved'

• Fringe – season 5 can stand alone…

• Daniel speaks…his post: Is is the pyramids that hold this shield? What do you think? Did our ancestors try to protect earth when the invasion was already seeded here and the tech got hijacked? I think so..

• Family of RA is not about dynastic Pharonic Egypt

• you have all the answers within, honour it

• how does it all fit together - Annunaki Archon Repotoid

• Annunaki as unsuccessful Antropos 10, transhumanism dependent now on the Matrix

• AI as an interface

• any thing that can be done physically can be done with consciousness

• you are either honouring life or not

• out of your head into your feeling centre Self

• green pill experieintial

• have your own experience to trigger your memories

• new respect for LC 1

• understanding the ‘feminine’ technology


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