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Djinn - WTF?

Click for the VLOG video presentation...

• The Djinn (that's my spelling) were/are living the original ‘Earth’ timeline.

• Djinn can shapeshift (hence the hieroglyphs from pre-dynastic Egypt having animal parts as identification of who the glyphs represent - Sekhmet for example is shown with a Lions head and female human body – it part of her identification or moniker recorded in the hieroglyphics - and a form she favours to shift into along with the associated traits she can embody)

The Djinn live in complete symbiosis with MU nourishing themselves with Prana and Sunlight (the Sun being the Soul Star emanation of MU)

The Draco Reptiods imitate them (to the best of their ability as for example the ‘Shadow People’ mentioned in the video and do whatever misdeeds, agenda and general fuckery they do, and then attribute to the Djinn – total misrepresentation and co-opting of the concept/truth, using the Djinn as the ultimate scapegoat

For example in the Video Rosemary talks about Djinn that feed on the emotions of frozen terror as their unwilling victims are inert and powerless to resist or fight them off.

Djinn don’t need any source outside themselves to sustain them, so why would they do that?

(the Ankh symbolises this, hence its appearance in predynastic hieroglyphics)

She calls the Watchers Djinn – um no, what she attributes to the Watchers sounds like classic ARCHON fuckery

She talks about the Djinn and their connections to Reptillians, (about 28 mins in) as they ‘love the snake form’.

Quoting a ‘very important myth’ of a Djinn hiding in the mouth of the Serpent that tempts and leads to the fall of Adam and Eve – ah yes – trying to wake the fuck the sleeping consciousness that is man by giving them truth and knowledge, opening them to their truth.

She also talks about how whole families and lineages are involved through ’time’.

Yeah we know that one…

Sometimes the Djin has been captured and their abilities and energies used covertly without their consent or under duress. This is what has given credibility to the co-opted legends. This is where the Annunaki and the AI come in.

We are talking about how the Djinn are misreprested and how the information has been co-opted, its not to knock the shit out of Rosemary, more using the video as stimultation to find the truth and as an example how we have been manipulted with Archon lies and distorted truths eg:

CLICK FOR THE VIDEO Shadow People, Shapeshifters, Fairies & Djinn Revealed with Rosemary Guiley

4.58 she is on the track

5.40 those Djinn losing out to us (humanity) have a grudge – they either want payback or want the earth back and this is the faction she is mentioning – dis information / archon propaganda – that is polarized matrix programming and thinking.

No, we the people want nothing other than Authenticity, Sovereignty and Liberation and will settle for nothing less


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