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Dream State Programming

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Dream State Programming - Awareness and Autonomy in all states of consciousness…

As we ‘switch channels’ and fall into ‘sleep’, another sentient perception engages.

For some it is a download upload reload of the day, processing the excess data and information that the ‘day’ has collected and imprinted upon an over stimulated nervous system.

For others, it is a place of freedom, where the Spirit gets to express unfettered.

Where ‘dreaming’ creates realities opening us up to insight as to how the symphony of the weft and weave entangle with this time/space/continuum creating a backdrop for us to experience this adventure in consciousness, in a full multisensory download.

Just how ‘safe’ and ‘consequence free’ is this multidimensional playground.

This wonderland has a cornucopia of ‘Beings’ that frequent these planes of existence, and like waking life; there can be a variety of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

False Light technology is classic Archon fuckery…

False Light is self explanatory – False as in trickery, deception and misdirection, Light as information.

They can appear in many guises, for example:

The ’Angel’ that acts like a thinly disguised thug, demanding and bullying in their quest for dominance and commitment to the continuation of their fiction, playing on your guilt blame and shame to elicit unquestioning devotion and obedience.

There can be the ‘Saint’ or False Light Being who has contracted you into sending your regenerating energy to them instead of you.

Other expressions of Self who can connect with your consciousness in this state and transfer karmic debt and other debt inducing nasties to keep you swimming in shit that isn’t even of your own creation.

Remote Viewing or just plain multidimensional parasites who can hook into you and send you thought forms that incite reaction and then have them in a feeding frenzy over the coming day, keeping you tired, confused and locked into self defeating patterns of behaviour. On waking you feel drained, unrested and almost haunted by lingering emotional states without context. Not the way one wants to start ones’ day…

So before retiring, attend to some dream state programming to counteract the bedtime blues.

Allow me to share my current play list…

Rescind cancel void any contracts agreement or allowances you have made with any False Light Beings or Technology, consciously or unconsciously in any dimension or dreaming state, on any timeline in any universe. You are invisible, undetectable, and untraceable to these Beings and any of their agents during all states of consciousness.

Use your Dreaming for personal healing and recalibration.

Your dreaming energy can be spent in regeneration and renewal of the mind body and spirit. Connect with your Soul Lineage to learn, remember and restore your original Light Codes and any healing and memories will be transmitted and assimilated with joy grace and ease

If you want to connect with another sentience during the night, be sure to state the request.

It may be a family member you want to send love to, or another you want to clear the air with, a teacher or teaching you want to understand and experience.

It may be something, someone or somewhere you want information on, knowing that during your sleeping you are accessing all the different parts of yourself that has the knowledge and know how, unfettered by limitation and logic, observing un-entangled and in a neutral nonreactive perspective. Ask to connect with you future Self, for guidance and the benefit of hindsight.

Get creative and become proactive, make your dreaming as productive as your waking.

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